Pet Insurance FAQ

Here is a list of the frequently asked questions and answers about our PetCare Insurance:


Button  What is PetCare?

Similar to health insurance for the human members of your family, PetCare is accident and illness insurance for your dog or cat. 


Button  Why do I need Pet Insurance?

Whether it’s for a general check-up at the vet or for something more serious, PetCare Insurance can help provide financial assistance with many treatment costs. It’ll not only help with the burden of expensive vet fees, it’ll help you provide your dog or cat with the best care when they need it most. Plus, you’ll enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your best friend, and your back pocket, are covered.  It’s important to read the Policy terms and conditions so you understand what is covered. 


Button  Can I use any vet?

Yes!  Freedom to use any vet, anywhere in Singapore.


Button  Why is routine care not covered?

Routine and wellness care, such as regular vet check-ups, vaccines, and preventive medications are to be expected during the life of a pet. Because these costs can be planned and budgeted, they are not included in coverage. Pet insurance is most appropriate for helping with unexpected costs, such as an injury or illness.


Button  What is Pre-Existing?

Any diagnosis, condition, sign, or symptom occurring or existing in any form prior to you buying PetCare. Example include but not limited to any condition that required medication, cruciate ligament disorders, infectious disease with known incubation times longer than you have had the policy, or conditions in remission when you started the policy. 


Button What happens if my pet is from a shelter and I don’t know if there is any pre-existing disease or prior medical history?

Thank you for adopting a pet from a shelter!  When you make your first claim, you’ll be asked to attach a complete veterinary history from both current and previous veterinary clinics. However, if your cat or dog was adopted from an animal shelter you are unlikely to have their full veterinary history and instead you will need to provide a copy of the adoption records for verification.  The Claims team will be able to assist you in determining if the current condition is likely due to a pre-existing or otherwise excluded condition.


Button  What is congenital/hereditary?

Congenital disorders are medical diagnoses that existed at birth. Hereditary conditions are diagnoses that are passed down from your Pet’s parents. These conditions tend to affect different breeds in different amounts. If you are concerned which conditions would likely not be covered for your particular pet, please consult your vet. Congenital and hereditary conditions are determined to be pre-existing and therefore not covered.


Button  What is a skin condition?

A disorder presenting on or in the skin. For example; fungal infections or skin lumps would be a skin condition that is not covered. Lacerations, cuts, punctures, tears or other trauma to the skin from an accidental injury would be covered so long as there is an identifiable acute incident responsible for the skin injury.


Button  How does reimbursement works?

Simply complete the claims form found on this web page, attach your receipts, and submit to our office. A Claims Executive will contact you if there are any questions.


Button  Will you drop my cat or dog because of age?

Your dog or cat needs to be at least 8 weeks old and less than 9 years old when you first purchase PetCare.  After that, your pet can be covered so long as you pay the yearly premiums.


Button  What happens if I don’t know my pet’s age?

You may take the pet to a vet and the vet may certify that the pet is between 8 months and 9 years in their professional opinion.


For more enquiries, you may call our hotline at +65 67441339 or drop us an email at