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PetCare is Singapore’s first comprehensive pet insurance policy for cats & dogs in Singapore.

It provides financial protection should you incur medical expenses due to illness or accidents that may befall your beloved pet.

Benefits at a Glance

Covers up to 70% of eligible vet bills arising from illness or accidents, up to S$10, 000 each year

No medical examination required & freedom to use any vet, anywhere in Singapore

Covers third party liability & loss due to theft or accidental death

No Claim Discount of up to 15% to reward healthy pets

Option with taking up 2 year plan with 10% discount

Farewell benefits

Toll-free Helpline 1800-LIBERTY (5423 789)

Summary of Benefits

Description of Benefits

 Co-Insurance [%]  per Incident 

 Deductible per Incident

Benefit Limit

Standard  Plan

Enhanced  Plan

Superior  Plan

• Accidental Death

Death of the Insured Pet due to Accident Injury

N.A. N.A. S$1,000 S$2,000 S$3,000

• Accidental Injury

Vet expenses arising from Accident Injury

N.A. S$50  S$500 S$750  S$3,000

• Theft

Loss due to reported Theft (not Applicable to Cats)

N.A. N.A. S$300  S$500 S1,250

• Illness

Vet expenses for non-surgical treatment

50%  N.A. S$500  S$750  S$3,000

• Illness

Vet expenses for surgical treatment

50% N.A.  S$1,500  S$2,000  S$10,000

• Third Party Liability

Third Party Liability arising from owning the Insured Pet

N.A. S$500 S$100,000 S$250,000 S$500,000

• Farewell Benefit

Cost & expenses incurred for euthanasia, cremation, funeral service & handling charges following death

N.A. N.A.  S$250 S$250 S$250
No Claim Discount
No Claim Period Discount Applicable
One year (applicable only to 1 year plan) 5%
Two consecutive years 10%
Three consecutive years 15%
Annual Premium
  Standard Plan Enhanced Plan Superior Plan
1 Year Plan S$350 S$450 S$750
2 Year Plan S$630 S$810 S$1,350


Please refer to the actual policy wordings for the terms & conditions. Premium above includes prevailing GST.




The Insured Pet must:

• Be micro-chipped

• Be residing regularly in the same premise as you

• Be at least 8 weeks old and not more than 9 years old at the enrolment date.

• Not be a working dog. Example: guide dog, guard dog

• Not be a dog or cat used for breeding purposes


Major Exclusions

• Theft arising from any intentional, neglectful or preventable act

• Liability arising from any intentional or preventable act

• Pre-existing, hereditary, congenital and skin conditions

• Day to day care. Example: vitamins, supplements, vaccinations, training, grooming

• Damage to teeth and gums unless as a result of an accident

• Illness related to endoparasites or ectoparasites, hip dysplasia, rabies

• Elective procedures and treatments. Example: nail clipping, tail docking, debarking