Because They’re Family Too

PetCare is Singapore’s first pet insurance policy, which provides comprehensive coverage to you and your pet dog or cat. It provides financial protection should you incur medical and surgical expenses due to illness or accidents that may befall your beloved pet. As devoted pet owners, it is comforting to know this policy covers up to 70% of vet bills and a range of common events during the life of your pet.



     Benefits at a Glance

      1. Covers up to 70% of eligible vet bills arising from illness or accidents (Up to S$10 K)
      2. No medical examination required
      3. Freedom to use any vet, anywhere in Singapore
      4. Covers third party liability arising from owning the pet
      5. Covers loss due to theft or accidental death
      6. Toll-free Helpline 1800-LIBERTY (5423 789)
      7. No Claim Discount of up to 15% to reward healthy pets
      8. Cover starts from less than S$1 a day

      9. Option with taking up 2 year plan with 10% discount
      10. Farewell Benefit

Summary of Benefits
Accident: Accidental Death, Accidental Injury, Theft
Medical: Illness, Vet expenses for surgical or non-surgical Treatment
Liability: Third Party Liability
Additional Benefit
Farewell Benefit: Cost & expenses incurred for euthanasia, cremation, funeral service and handling charges following death
No Claim Discount
One year - 5%
Two consecutive years - 10%
Three consecutive years - 15%
Eligibility: Be micro-chipped; Be residing regularly in the same premise as you; Be at least 8 weeks old and not more than 9 years old at the enrolment date; Not be a working dog. Example: guide dog, guard dog; Not be a dog or cat used for breeding purposes
Major Exclusions: Illness arising from any intentional, neglectful or preventable act; Liability arising from any intentional, neglectful or preventable act; Pre-existing, Hereditary, Congenital and Skin Conditions; Day to day care. Example: vitamins, supplements, vaccinations training, grooming; Damage to teeth and gums unless as a result of an Accident; Illness related to endoparasites or ectoparasites, hip dysplasia, rabies;Elective procedures and treatments. Example: nail clipping, tail docking, debarking