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AXA International Exclusive

AXA International Exclusive

Living in a different country can be the experience of a lifetime. It is important that you have access to quality healthcare treatments wherever you want, while being protected against rising medical costs.

International Exclusive is a health insurance product that gives you access to worldwide private medical care.

Benefits at a Glance

  • High Annual Limit: Provides high coverage of up to S$4.5 million per year
  • Living Organ Donor: Pays for transplantation of kidney, heart, liver, lung or bone marrow when a live member donates an organ or tissue to their parent, sibling, child, spouse or partner.
  • Pre-existing & Congenital Condition Coverage: Available only after consecutively covered for 270 days
  • Protect yourself based on your needs and budget : Choose the extent of your protection based on your anticipated medical needs, self-insurance capability and budget • Each plan has annual deductible and co-insurance options available for you to optimise your cover • No matter which international health plan you choose, you will have access to: – Direct settlement for hospitalisation within our international directory of hospitals – Worldwide cover for emergency medical expenses – International medical emergency assistance including medical evacuation – A Singapore based team of health experts offering personalised customer support and professional claims management • For Plan A, there is an optional add-on benefit to cover normal (routine) pregnancy and childbirth subject to payment of additional premium. This benefit is available for females age 18 and above. A waiting period is applicable for this benefit
  • Comprehensive cover for your dental health Option to add a Dental Rider to your plan is available.
  • Stable Portfolio Pricing There will be no capping on your medical conditions or additional loadings on your premium upon renewal as a result of your personal claims experience.
  • Access To Medical Coverage Anywhere Of Your Choice: Choice Of Worldwide, Worldwide Excluding USA Or Asia Cover Plans
  • Outpatient Treatment: Covers General And Specialist Consultations.
  • Pregnancy And Childbirth Cover Add-On: Pays For Routine Pre-Natal Care, Childbirth And Routine Post-Natal Care Up To 42 Days Following Childbirth.
  • No Upfront Payment : AXA Will Cover Your Hospital Bills For All Approved Treatments At Any Hospital In Our International Directory Of Hospitals, With High Overall Annual Limits Ranging From S$2.5 Million To S$4.5 Million. Enjoy Cashless Facility Within Our Local Outpatient Network Of General Practitioners And Specialist Clinics

Terms & Conditions

  • A customer must be aged at least fifteen (15) days old and not more than eighty (80) years old at the time of application to be eligible for cover under this product.
  • For a child aged between fifteen (15) days old to five (5) years old to enrol on a standalone policy, 20% premium loading on the prevailing brochure premium rates will apply at the time of application or renewal (whichever is applicable). The policyholder must either be the child’s parent or legal guardian.
  • When the parent of a newborn baby is already covered under an InternationalExclusive policy, the baby may be added to the parent’s policy without further underwriting by paying the applicable premium and enjoy cover commencing at the time of birth provided:
    (a) We are requested to add that baby to the parent’s policy within thirty (30) days from the time of birth; and
    (b) the parent has been continuously covered under the policy for at least 365 days when the baby is born.
    If the requirements stated in point (a) and (b) above are not met, a newborn baby may only be added to the policy subject to the normal application process.
    There may also be some limits to our cover if any of the following apply:
    •either parent has had any kind of fertility treatment and the babies are either a single or multiple birth; or
    • the babies are either a single or multiple birth and were born after assisted reproduction; or you have adopted the baby.
  • You can add a baby born after fertility treatment, or following assisted reproduction (such as IVF), or who you have adopted, to your policy. As with most health insurance, our cover for treatment has a few limits in these situations. If you have adopted a baby, or if you have a single or multiple birth after fertility treatment or following assisted reproduction:
    • We may ask for more details of the baby’s medical history
    • we will not cover treatment in a Special Care Baby Unit or paediatric intensive care immediately after the birth
    • we may add other conditions to the baby’s cover. For example, we may limit their cover for pre-existing conditions.
  • We count fertility treatment as either parent taking any prescription or non-prescription drug or other treatment to increase fertility.
  • For a female customer age 18 and above who requires cover for normal (routine) pregnancy and childbirth, you can buy an Optional Add-on Rider (applicable to Plan A only).
  • We will offer renewal beyond age eighty (80)
  • Your employee’s natural child, step-child or legally adopted child, who is a Resident of Singapore, unmarried and not employed, between 15 days old and Age 25, and in the case between Age 19 and Age 25, the child must be studying full-time in a recognised institution of higher learning (and not in full-time national service). Resident of Singapore shall mean Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents (holders of re-entry permits) as well as holders of employment passes, work permits, students’ passes or dependents’ passes. An Insured Person’s cover will cease automatically if he remains outside of his Country of Residence for a period in excess of one hundred eighty-five (185) consecutive days. Where Insured Member commenced Cover between Age 16 and Age 70, Insured Member will be eligible for renewal of Cover up to Age 80

Important Notice

The information provided here is a summary and for general information only. Although care has been taken in preparing the information provided to you, we will not responsible for any errors or omissions, and we accept no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage howsoever arising. Please refer to the actual policy wordings for the terms and conditions. You may refer to for detailed information about the product.