SmartHome Essential offers a wide range of benefits and allows you the flexibility to select a readily packaged plan or customise your own coverage to suit your family needs.

Insure Your Property: Covers loss and damage to your property, fixtures and fittings, and contents due to fire and extraneous perils such as lightning, consequences of a burst pipe, flood and theft by forcible entry.
"New for Old" Cover for Contents: Covers yours contents on replacement basis, without deduction for wear and tear or depreciation.
Loss of Rent or Alternative Accommodation: With your home is being reinstated due to an insured peril, you will be covered for loss of rent (landlord) or cost of alternative accommodation (owner occupier).
Worldwide Personal Liability: Also extends to cover your legal liability arising from your pets mischief and tenant's liability.
Free PA Cover: Receive up to S$50,000 Personal Accident cover for you and your family.
5% Discount and Higher Coverage for 3-year Plan: Sign up for 3 years to receive 5% discount and higher Sum Insured for your fixtures and fittings, contents and worldwide personal liability.
Terms & Conditions
INSURE UP TO THE FULL VALUE: Insure adequately to avoid under-insurance; ‘Building’ cover – up to full cost of reinstatement; ‘Contents’ cover – up to full replacement costs of household goods and personal effects.; ‘Worldwide Personal Belongings’ cover – up to full replacement cost of the items that you are likely to wear or carry with you outside your home.
UNOCCUPIED PROPERTY: The insured property must not be left unoccupied for more than 60 consecutive days.
COMPULSORY COVER FOR BUILDING OR CONTENTS: You can opt to customise your plan according to your family needs. To take note that: Building (Section 1) or Contents (Section 2) cover is compulsory; Minimum premium S$53.50. (inclusive of GST).
RESIDENTIAL USE ONLY: The insured property is to be used as a residence only.
FLOOD PRONE AREA: Properties within flood prone areas are subject to underwriting consideration.

Important Notice

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Sanction Clause

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